The average person sees over 5,000 Ads a day and ignores most of them.

Adalytica targets advertising spend on the moments each day a person will find the ad meaningful.

What makes our technology different and powerful is that we provide profiling beyond an individual's online behavior.
There is much you can learn from the user's online activity...
...but there is so much more you can learn offline.

With this level of insight on your customer, we provide you the ability to focus your marketing spend on the moments each day your customer is likely to engage.

We use advances in 'edge-AI' to analyse sensor data whilst fiercely protecting privacy. Profilling is done on the phone and no personal information is sent to the cloud. All this with ultra-low battery consumption.

Our platform delivers insights at the individual level ensuring appropriate messaging at appropriate times, safeguarding privacy and an optimizing your advertising spend.


Hyper-personalization like never before

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